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Title: Tuscan Sun
Artist: Spraycasso
Media: Spray paint
Medium: 11"x14" Posterboard
Tutorial Level: Beginner

In this full length Beginner tutorial we tackle some of the basic techniques for creating an easy and fun spraypainting. We will learn to create silhouettes, plant life, water, terrain and even  a two tone sun. Join us as we embark in to  a creative  Art adventure. 
As always thank you for watching and  "keep them cans  shakin' "

Artist: Spraycasso
Media: Spray paint
Medium: 20"x30" Foamboard
Tutorial Level: Intermediate

Adding terrain or other features to an already completed spraypainting can be a little tricky but if you can remember the rules, you should be able to add additional content to your spraypaintings with ease. 

Title: Rosy the owl
Artist: Spraycasso
Media: Spraypaint
Medium: 16x20" Canvas
Tutorial Level: Advanced

Spraypaintings are not limited to space or earth like sceneries, You can create fun characters or even pet portraits. Spraypainting is rapidly becoming in contender in the world of art! Join us in the Spraypaint masters Revolution (The SMR) and learn from some of the best spraypainters from all around the world!

Title: Mountain Scape
Artist: Spraycasso
Medium: 3 different size canvases
Media: Spraypaint / Spraycasso Brand
Date: 3/26/2017

In this tutorial we create a very colorful mountain scenery. We mainly used the spraycasso tool, the funnel and the spraycasso spraypaints. 

Title: El Parque 2 of 3
Artist: #Spraycasso
Date: 12/16/2017
Media: Spraycasso spray paint
Medium: 16"x20" Black canvas
FB-Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theSMR/

This is the second part to a 3 piece spraypainting. As you can see, here we utilize the spraycasso spraypaint brushes to create the finer details. If you're serious about spraypainting take a look at our products, you might the tools that are right for you.

Today, We're introducing the spraycasso Spraypaint kit & Poster board. Join us as we create an amazing space scenery!! Get your cans out, LET RATTLE!! 


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