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Spraycasso Spraypainting kit

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Spraycasso Spraypainting kit


Professional Spray painter starter kit includes:
12- Specially formulated spray paints
1- DVD: The Basics (1hr+ long)
1- Spraycasso Tool
5- Sample size Posterboards
1- Easy to carry spraypaint box
1- Limited edition Spraycasso spraypainting print
(prints will vary while supplies last)

Spraycasso Studios is proud to introduce, The only spray paint designed by spray painters for spray painters. The formula's industrial strength can be used for many projects but specially balanced & designed with the Spraycasso art form in mind.

The perfect flowing balance is topped off with an extra dose of gloss to give your art work a professional shine and the drying agents ensure quick flawless drying time.

These spray paints are perfect from the street performer to the gallery sprayer.

* Be sure to shake spray paints well and pre-spray before every use.
* If sputtering occurs, it may be due to high usage, as it is usually a sign of low pressure. It may be a good indicator to purchase more spray paint.

All Sales are final.

Gloss Black
Gloss White
Gloss Red
Gloss Dark Blue
Gloss Light Blue
Gloss Yellow
Gloss Dark Yellow
Gloss Orange
Gloss Green
Gloss Light Green
Gloss Pink

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